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In the past, malicious emails were fairly easy to spot. These days, cyber criminals are extremely sophisticated, creating emails that look almost identical to ones sent by legitimate companies. Email is essential to your daily productivity and is a valuable communication tool, but it’s all too easy to open an attachment or click a link that can cause serious damage.

Email Security Solutions by PowerOne

PowerOne offers affordable solutions that allow your team to communicate and share information without worrying about data breaches or malware via email. Our multi-layered approach goes beyond antivirus and spam protection to include advanced security and encryption software, firewall tools, usage policies and user training on how to create strong passwords and spot malicious content.

Benefits of EmailSecurity Solutions

Benefits of Email Security Solutions

  • Have confidence your sensitive data is protected
  • Satisfy compliance requirements
  • Ensure email continuity in case of disaster or server failure
  • Proactively detect threats before they cause damage
  • Provide peace of mind without a significant change in protocol

Discover how PowerOne makes email security affordable and effective.

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