I Need the Power of Always Available Email Services

Most organizations have come to an agreement that working in a silo just doesn’t work. Communication and collaboration drives innovation and success. And where is the majority of this communication happening? In your email inbox. But, your co-workers aren’t the only ones trying to communicate with you. Malware and spam also hide in your inbox, waiting for you to click a bad link or download a malicious file. You need to be sure every email you open is sent with good intentions.

Managed Email Services by PowerOne

When email is your main form of communication, you need to be sure it’s always working. You need an email solution that enables you to transfer files of any size without worrying about security breaches. We’ll make sure you always have access to your team and customers—whether you’re in the office or on the go.

Benefits of Managed Email Services

Benefits of Managed Email Services

  • Protection from spam, malware and phishing scams
  • Fast backup and recovery in the event of disasters
  • Outlook support and integration to fully leverage all available tools
  • Improved uptime and server support
  • User training and support that boosts efficiency

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