I Need the Power of Non-Profit IT Support

The non-profit industry is unlike any other—your budget is low but your determination is very high. You know technology can benefit your organization in a big way, but with limited dollars, it’s more difficult to get the technology you need to operate smoothly. There are many things that drive a business, but for non-profits like you, your driving force is helping others—and that’s what drives us too.

Non-Profit IT Support by PowerOne

PowerOne recognizes the obstacles you face as a non-profit organization and delivers IT solutions to meet your unique needs and budget. We also understand the importance of protecting and preserving data while still making it accessible to staff and volunteers. You can count on PowerOne for technology consulting, ongoing IT support and proactive management that addresses your biggest challenges.

Benefits of Non-ProfitIT Services

  • Affordable short or long-term SLAs available
  • Reliable compliance with state and federal privacy regulations
  • Improved mobility, flexibility and collaboration
  • Streamlined maintenance and operational processes
  • Minimized server and network downtime

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