Why Aren’t You Using Cloud Computing to Future-Proof Your Business?

You already know that cloud computing isn’t just another tech industry fad. The cloud is turning 10 this year, and it has become a business standard. If you’re not taking full advantage of cloud services to future-proof your business in this economy, you are making a potentially expensive mistake.


The benefits of cloud computing are practically limitless. For example:


  1. The cloud grows with you. You may think that your old standby servers and network are adequate enough for day to day operations. If you want to future-proof your business, then you need to take advantage of cloud computing. The cloud is fully flexible and scalable. The infrastructure and applications are leased, ensuring you are using the fastest and latest technology. Plus, you buy only the services you need and pay for only what you use. This means you can dynamically increase or decrease your cloud services as your needs change.


  1. It helps protect your data. The cloud’s security architecture is multi-layered, and has safeguards against cyber attacks. There are different types of security controls employed and all of them work to protect your sensitive information and intellectual property, especially where federal compliance regulations are an issue (like HIPAA, SOX, PCI).


  1. Save money – put it back into your business. There’s no better way to pad your future business endeavors than cutting costs. Cloud computing helps you do just that. Cloud services can replace expensive infrastructure and outdated software. Cloud-hosted applications give your staff the ability to have virtual desktops and access their projects no matter where they are. Apps, data and documents come together into one constantly updated platform.


  1. Real-time collaboration and unlimited mobility for your staff. Cloud computing gives end users access to the data they need from any device, increasing productivity. Your staff could be anywhere in the world and still collaborate in real-time on projects, allowing your business to work faster for clients and increase your profit margin. Take Microsoft Office 365 for example. Microsoft has always been a familiar face in business productivity. Now, with O365, they’ve raised the performance standard. O365 is just one of the applications bringing together all of your people, processes and technology through cloud computing, and giving you the ability to manage all of that productivity seamlessly.


The time spent maintaining your hardware and its performance are costing you both production and dollars. Lost hours are a killer when you’re trying to migrate data from one network to another. Firms that handle their own migration on average take 2 months to complete the move and can spend up to $3,000 trying to finish it. Your best bet? Partnering with a managed IT services provider (MSP) to handle your move to the cloud. An MSP reduces/eliminates downtime, gives you seamless migration and implementation, and manages your data with new, integrated technology.


That’s where we come in. To get the most out of your cloud services, you need to partner up with a great MSP. Not sure which cloud computing services are right for your company’s needs? Our team of experts will evaluate your servers and network and consult with you to come up with the perfect plan for cloud migration minus the worry.


Give us a call and we’ll help you take that leap into the future. Come join us in the cloud – life is better is up here.

4 Statistics that will Have You Rethinking Office 365

Moving to the cloud can be a big decision for any business. And it makes sense to take every precaution for your employees and your customers. Office 365 has been gaining a lot of recognition for its simplicity and big benefits. So what’s keeping you from making the move? Don’t let your own reservations hold your team back. If you’re not already using Office 365, read on to see a few statistics that might sway your decision.


According to Global Business Travel Association 1.3 Million Business Trips Occur Each Day in the U.S

The mobile workforce is on the rise and Office 365 is the solution that keeps everyone connected – from virtually anywhere. So, whether your team is in and out of meetings, traveling for a business trip or posted up at a local coffee shop, they’ll still have access to everything they need to keep up with their workload.


According to Project Management Institute Approximately 33% of Projects Fail Completely Because of Poor Communication

Miscommunication and working in silos creates an environment that’s anything but successful.

With Office 365, gone are the days where one person makes edits to a document, and then emails it to another person so they can make changes too. This process is messy and leaves too much room for mistakes. Instead, take advantage of Microsoft’s collaborative capabilities, so you can have your whole team editing the same document and see the changes happening in real time.


According to Contingency Planning and Strategic Research Corporation 96% of All Business Workstations are Not Backed Up Regularly

What happens when your data isn’t backed up? It goes missing, and now you’re in big trouble. Storing your information safely in the cloud is the easiest way to protect it. So, whenever you change a document, update an Excel spreadsheet or basically do anything in Office 365, everything is automatically saved. You’ll always know where your data is and can easily access it – no matter what.


Companies can save up to 60% on Licensing Fees with Office 365

Office 365 is extremely appealing for small businesses who don’t want to deal with high upfront costs. Instead, you get a flexible monthly bill that allows you to add or decrease the number of users based on your needs. Plus, you’re not locked into a contract and you can change plans at any time to suit your growing business.


Office 365 is an obvious choice for businesses that want to encourage communication and collaboration, have the ability to access their information no matter what and want lower technology costs. If you don’t want to do accomplish these goals, then yes, stay away from Office 365. Otherwise, it might be a smart decision to give us a call. We can help you with Office 365 migration and make sure you’re set up for success.